Sitzbank Black Forest in oak, baumann
Sitzbank Black Forest in oak, baumann
Sitzbank Black Forest in oak, baumann
Sitzbank Black Forest in nut, faiture
Sitzbank Black Forest in oak, faiture
Sitzbank Black Forest in elm, faiture
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Bench Black Forest

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Timeless design with an aesthetic metal frame and a solid wood top made from local woods.


  • Plate thickness: 3.5 cm
  • Seat width: 45 cm
  • Seat height: 45 cm


  • Surface: sanded & oiled
  • Frame: powder-coated steel


  • Weight: Refer to below chart


  1. The wood lives and breathes! Depending on the room climate, it absorbs or releases moisture, which causes the wood to expand or contract. In the long run, this can lead to changes in shape and surface structure. This is a natural process and which we can only influence to a limited extent.
  2. Since every tree grows differently in nature, every single board that we process is optically different. The structure, colour and grain may differ from the product photos. Therefore, every single furniture will be unique.

Weight Table

Oak Nut Elm
160x45x3.5 45.7kg 42.3kg 37.6kg
180x45x3.5 50.2kg 46.5kg 41.1kg
200x45x3.5 54.8kg 50.7kg 44.7kg
220x45x3.5 59.4kg 54.8kg 48.3kg

*Sizes in cm

  • We only use local wood in the production of our products and purchase them from a regional timber dealer.
  • The surface treatment is carried out with oils that are based on anthroposophical teaching and are harmless to humans and nature.
  • We offset any CO2 that is generated during the manufacturing process.

We are a climate-neutral furniture brand created by the founders of Faiture. The original carpenter's workshop in Munich, known as the 'Möbelmanufaktur Baumann', has grown into a responsible and stylish furniture brand that puts the protection of our planet at the forefront.

We believe in local production and attach great importance to manufacturing products that, if handled correctly, will last and be used for a lifetime. For example, we make sure that only local woods are used for our solid wood furniture collection and, thanks to the latest CNC machine technology, we produce as resource-efficiently as possible. Wood scraps, if still usable, will become new products.

We offset any CO2 that is generated during the manufacturing process and also invest in regional reforestation programs in order to preserve more mixed forests and greater biodiversity.

Since we attach great importance to the fact that your solid wood furniture has a long life and gives you a lot of pleasure, it is very important to us to give you a few care tips on the way. Don't worry, the good thing about solid wood is that it can be reprocessed again and again, regardless of whether it is stained, scratched or the like, and with age the wood, with everything it has experienced, gets a very special patina.


  • In the case of less soiling and daily use, simply wipe the wood surface lengthways with a slightly damp cleaning cloth. If the cloth was a little too wet, wipe it off with a dry cloth. Cotton towels are best.
  • If it is very dirty, it is best to use caustic soda made from natural soap, a neutral cleaner or a professional wood cleaner from a specialist.
  • Wipe off liquids directly on the wood surface, as the wood has open pores and can absorb them over time, which can cause stains

Care with oil:

  • The solid wood furniture is perfectly treated around 2-3 times a year. This leads to the surface not becoming dull and susceptible to liquids and the like. Furthermore, the grain of the wood can shine again.

Important information on caring for wood:

  • To avoid scratches from e.g. Getting rivets, trouser buttons, etc. into the wood, seat cushions can be a good and beautiful remedy.
  • Do not use microfiber cloths! Microfiber cloths can leave fine scratches on wooden surfaces.
  • Be careful with chemical cleaning agents. Here, overly aggressive ingredients can attack the wood and damage the surface. If you want to be on the safe side, use professional wood cleaners.
  • It is best to always clean and maintain wooden surfaces in the direction of the grain, not across the direction of growth.

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