Quijote Vase | Ruby, The-glass-apprentice
Quijote Vase | Ruby, The-glass-apprentice
Quijote Vase | Ruby, The-glass-apprentice
The Glass Apprentice

Quijote Vase | Ruby

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Glass vase for hyacinth bulbs in winter and flowers all year long. 

Inspired in Don Quixote’s slender, long and free figure as well as in the wonder of seeing the perfumed hyacinth flower grow in very cold water during the winter solstice. 

The bulb, with its white roots growing in the water while its flower emerges towards the air, creates a link between design and nature of great beauty and harmony. 

The Quixote, on its own or as part as a group, with or without flowers, is a stylized and versatile shape which will be a companion to its owner throughout the year’s solstice and equinox.


  • Small: 15 cm
  • Medium: 23 cm
  • Large: 30 cm


  • Upcycled glass

* Each piece is unique since it has been made using glass blowing technique. For this reason, please note that shapes, size or colour may vary slightly from the description or photo.

  • The material is glass waste that gets upcycled from the automotive industry. 
  • Artisanal made using glass blowing techniques. 
  • Made in Spain. 

The Glass Apprentice is the label of blown glass and designer Prósper Riba Vilardell, experimentation and learning are the core of his philosophy and his work. Influenced by the Mediterranean spirit and the discipline of the north of Europe his desire is to continue to create as an apprentice.

He uses recycled glass waste from the industry to create his pieces and giving them new and more value – upcycling!  

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