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Linen Tales

Linen Waffle Towel

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  • 100% washed linen (240g/m2)
  • Woven airy-soft linen in a waffle design which allows extra absorption for a soft and quick drying
  • Recommendation: The nature of this type of weaving is that it tends to shed more than regular linen towels. We normally recommend washing them separately from other laundry and at 40 degrees. The shedding will reduce over time and after each subsequent washing.
  • 100% washed linen (240g / m2)
  • 100% recyclable
  • Made in Lithuania

Linen Tales started as a small house store and is now a brand with customers all over the world. Our vision of ethical and sustainable production is at the heart of the business. Linen Tales only uses linen grown in Europe and all products are made exclusively in Lithuania and in small quantities.

  • Recommend separate your linens from other items and to wash in cooler water temperatures for the first few washes a. This will set the mercerization process. 
  • Future wash temperatures should be at 40°C, but for stubborn stains, temperatures can be raised to 60°C. 
  • Be sure that any other items washed with linen clothing are similar in color, weight and washing instructions.
  • Hand wash linen clothing using a gentle swishing motion. Hand wash is best suited for clothing that is not heavily soiled, or for linen fabric with a loose weave, which might be damaged in a washing machine.
  • The detergents that contain bleaching agents are perfect for white linen, but should not be used for washing colored linen or else your linen would get discolored or spotted. 
  • Do not wring out linen before drying. You can use whatever drying method you prefer but drying white linen in the sun helps retain the original white color. 
  • To iron, we recommend you to iron while still damp to reduce wrinkles. 
  • Our washed linen production is highly resistant for shrinkage compared with non-washed linen. Pre-shrunk items normally shrink 3 percent or less.

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