Discus 55 Deckenlampe in stone-slate, leuchtnatur
Discus 55 Deckenlampe in european-walnut, leuchtnatur
Discus 55 Deckenlampe in leaves, leuchtnatur
Discus 55 Deckenlampe in oak, leuchtnatur
Discus 55 Deckenlampe in alpine-hay, leuchtnatur

Discus 55 Celing Lamp

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The simple and purist Discus lamp is recommended for dining tables, bars, living rooms or lobbies. It combines feel-good and functional light in a perfect way. Since it is equipped with a diffuser, it envelops its surroundings in warm, subdued light, but at the same time, thanks to three E27 sockets, is sufficiently bright to also illuminate large tables or lounge areas. Particularly ingenious: the simple assembly of the lampshade with a magnetic lock. Textile edging at the top and bottom.


  • Lamp shade height: 15 cm
  • Diameter: 55 cm


  • Veneer oak, European walnut, stone slate (anthracite), alpine hay or leaves. 

Recommended: three LED filament light bulbs (retrofit) with a power of 10 watts in 2700 K warm white. Dimmable with corresponding LED light bulb.

*Light bulb not included.

**Each lamp is unique since they are handmade and made from natural material so the structure, color and grain will differ from the product photos. 

  • Handmade in Germany. 
  • Wood veneer mainly comes from Germany and Austria. 
  • FSC-certified wood. 
  • Local steel supplier.

LeuchtNatur combines lightning and nature in a unique way by creating beautiful lamps using wood, alpine hay and stone veneers (thin layers). 

Veneer is the most economical way of using wood but also one of the trickiest, because the "thin layers" which are only 0.5 mm thick. To ensure that the veneer shades do not break we reinforce them with environmentally friendly cellulose fleece and add textile to the edges. In order to be as sustainable as possible, they use veneers, mainly from Germany and Austria. 

The first collection in 2013 and soon we received the first awards for innovative and green design.

To clean, use a wet cloth.

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