Bloom 03 Yellow | Uffe Buchard & Chris Calmer, Paper-collective
Bloom 03 Yellow | Uffe Buchard & Chris Calmer, frames.jpg
Paper Collective

Bloom 03 Yellow | Uffe Buchard & Chris Calmer

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Poster design

The point of departure for the BLOOM series is the old-fashioned flower paintings now portrayed as stylish flower decorations where strong colours and reflection creates an almost psychedelic effect.

The Bloom series is made in close collaboration between photographer Chris Calmer and art direction by Uffe Buchard. Uffe Buchard is one of the most well know personalities within Danish Fashion. For more than 20 years he has been communicating news from the world of fashion and style to the Danes and the International fashion world. Uffe Buchard is currently the Editor in Chief of DANSK Magazine, Creative Director at Darling Creative Studio, and the brain behind the Blomst and now Bloom collection for Paper Collective. Photographer and visual artist Chris Calmer is a young rising start within art- and fashion photography. Chris Calmer creates art pieces through classic media such as photography and painting.

Paper details

  • Offset printed on 250g photo quality paper
  • FSC certified, archival quality
  • Produced in Denmark under the Swan certification system

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