Alba Runder Nachttisch | Groß in oak, Woodendot

Alba Round Bedside Table | Large

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Alba is a versatile bedside table with the possibility to configurate the style with up to 8 different options. The 3 panels can be installed however you decide. Thanks to the arrangement of the panels, it can be used as a wall shelf with hidden storage and as a bedside table with concealed storage. There is also a hidden hole in the base that allows us to feed the cable to charge our devices.

Alba means “sunrise” in Spanish and is where the designer got his inspiration. The two front pieces of the product simulate the sun and the moon reflecting in the water when a new day dawns.

Designer: Daniel García Sánchez


  • Diameter: 56 cm
  • Total width: 62 cm
  • Depth: 45 cm
  • Weight: 4 kg

Color combination:

Oak back panel, Black table cover, Circle Oak front panel.


  • Natural wood plywood with matte finish.
  • Structure made of lacquered steel.

2 Year warranty

The Design has won: The Iconic Design Award, IDA, and the International Design Award.

*Since every tree grows differently in nature, the structure, colour and grain may differ from the product photos. Therefore, every single piece will be unique.

**Delivered in a flat package.

  • Timeless and multifunctional design for a long life. 
  • We use FSC-certified wood.
  • Work with local suppliers. 
  • Made in Íscar, Spain.
  • We compensate the ecological footprint, CO2, we generate in our company by planting trees.

Woodendot is based in the Spanish region of the “Land of Pines” in Valladolid. A village where the inhabitants have devoted their lives to the crafting of products from wood. 

Our products are the result of combining design, craftsmanship and technology. With wood as the main material most of our raw material comes from local suppliers, we support local development and traditional crafts. The result is a product that is functional and versatile, that can respond to new needs while looking to the future thanks to its timeless nature.

  • Use a damp cloth to clean the product.
  • Do not overload the product.
  • Each product comes with its maintenance instructions which will ensure a long life. 

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